Virgin Suites

In addition, as we strive to protect our customers and our team members from any potential exposure to the new coronavirus (COVID-19), we have instituted a number of enhanced safety & hygienic measures.

Here are some of the specific things that are being cleaned, at the minimum, daily.

Guest Rooms

Kitchen & Back of the VWS Hotel

Public Rest Rooms

Lobby Area & Food Dinning Room

  • door handles
  • desk
  • table
  • chair
  • amps
  • dresser drawer handles
  • light switches & thermostats
  • drapery pull handles
  • mini bar, menu and room collateral
  • telephone & key pad
  • remote control pad key pad & alarm clock
  • television
  • safety latch & peep hole
  • trash receptacle touch points
  • iron handle, hangers & luggage rack
  • faucet & toilet handles
  • door handles & push plates
  • handles of all the equipment doors & operation push pads
  • handles of the dispensers (beverage, etc)
  • ice scoops
  • walk in and other refrigerator handles
  • walk in refrigerator and freezer plastic curtains
  • freezer handles
  • three compartment mop sink & mop sink
  • hand washing sink handles
  • soap dispenser push plates at hand wash sinks
  • towel dispenser handle at hand wash sink
  • trash receptacle points
  • cleaning tools
  • buckets
  • telephone key pad & handset
  • managers computer
  • door handles
  • ¬†sink faucets & toilet handles
  • towel dispenser handle
  • soap dispenser push plates
  • baby changing station
  • trash receptacle trash points
  • Door handles, push plates, thresholds & hand railings
  • Telephone & key pad
  • Tables & chairs
  • Coffee & beverage stations
  • Bending & ice machines
  • Public information kiosk
  • Trash receptable touch points

It is our goal to aid in the safety of our patrons by monitoring symptomatic individuals and by greatly reducing the risk of contamination on public surfaces in the hotel and restaurant.